About Tom Holding


                                                      Photographic Point of View: 

                                              I am a practitioner of capturing the best possible                                                                                                                 image in the camera  so that the final image is the best                                                                                                     it can be, with minimal post processing. Photography                                                                                                         is a way of slowing down and enjoying the world and its                                                                                                     beauty. It also leads to new experiences and places that                                                                                                     I would not otherwise visit. 

      My  workshops and instruction are geared to the pace of the attendee. 

      The quality images we capture take precedence over the quantity of images. 

      My goal is to put you at the right place, at the right time, and at the right

      moment.  I very much enjoy sharing the techniques, methods, and locations

      with you so you can have the same experiences and grow your photography.  




    I am a self taught photographer and artist. It all started in 1964 when I purchased my first

    camera - a Kodak 126 for a school trip to Washington D.C.  The point and shoot photography remained                     active and those initial images are great keepsakes. Then, in 1978, after seeing a photography exhibit,                     I purchased a Canon AE-1, with accessories from T & F Camera. Then came Canon A1's, Elan IIE's, and                     currently the  Canon 5D series, I, II, III. & IV, and more lenses than I can count.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I have been a continual member of The Photographic Society of Vineland since 1978. I am a multi-term           

    past President of PSV, and have competed in many Interclub, DVCCC, NJFCC, and PSA competitions.                         Awards have included many medals, honors,  and Tops in New Jersey.   

    After a 35 year career in pharmaceutical packaging and a second career in Racing Operations &                               Security, I am now retired from the corporate world and am able to expand on my photographic                               endeavors.  During my corporate time, I found time to lead field trips for PSV and others, including                           week long trips to Maine,  West Virginia, and the Smokey Mountains, among many other weekend trips. 

    After conversion to the digital age, diligent time and effort  have been spent honing my craft.  I am 

    actively engaged in location photography, and teaching/leading other photographers. Since the                                 corporate retirement, I allocate a significant time investment to the planning, research, and details in                       order to bring outstanding workshop locations and experiences. This allows others to significantly                           enhance their photographic journey. I am  well organized, and my style of leadership is of the   

    coaching/mentoring type. There is always time for questions, answers,  and explanations.  In addition                     to my workshops, I  provide critiquing, judging, photography class teaching, and the sale of fine art prints.



Tom Holding

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